Micro Analog Systems 成立于 1980 年,是一家独立公司,总部位于芬兰赫尔辛基。该公司设计和制造混合信号集成电路和专用电路 (ASIC)。

MAS 产品组合包括压电蜂鸣器、LED 驱动器、用于电容和电阻 MEMS 压力的低功耗和高度稳定的接口 IC,以及其他传感器。时钟和定时也是一项核心技术,附加部分包括压控温控晶体振荡器 IC (VCTCXO)。

Micro Analog Systems, established in 1980, is an independent company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company designs and manufactures mixed signal integrated circuits and application specific circuits (ASICs).

The MAS product portfolio consists of Piezo buzzers, LED drivers, low power and highly stable interface ICs for capacitive and resistive MEMS pressure, and other sensors. Clocks and Timing is also a core technology with additional parts including voltage controlled-temperature controlled-crystal oscillator ICs (VCTCXO).

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