MAS6116EA1SA308 立体声数字音量控制

  • 增益范围从-111.5dB 到 +15.5dB
  • 增益步长 0.5dB
  • 平衡模式下 THD 0.0002%
  • 平衡模式下 SNR 124dB
  • 串扰 -110dB 典型值
  • 输入信号高达 +/-18V
  • 增益变化的零检测
  • 硬件和软件静音
  • 电源开/关瞬态抑制


通道数 Number of Channels 2
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) 4.5V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 5.5V
音量范围 Volume Range -111.5 to +15.5 / 0.5dB steps
输入选择器 Input Selector ±18V pro-level input signal
界面 Interface 3-Wired Serial


MAS6116 是一款用于音频系统的超低噪声立体声音量控制器。在平衡单声道模式下使用时,线性度高达 0.0002% (THD+N)。

该设计基于带有外部运算放大器的电阻器链,可为电源电压、信号摆幅、本底噪声和成本优化提供灵活性。每个通道的增益可以通过数字串行控制接口从 -111.5dB 到 +15.5dB 独立编程。

只有在信号中检测到过零时才通过更改增益来消除增益变化时的声音咔嗒声。该器件还具有峰值电平检测功能,可用于 AGC。

MAS6116 采用 16 引脚 SOIC 封装。

评估板 MAS6116EB 可用于该产品。

The MAS6116 is an ultra low noise stereo volume control for audio systems. When used in a balanced mono mode the linearity is an impressive 0.0002% (THD+N).

The design is based on resistor chains with external op-amps, which provide flexibility for the supply voltage, signal swing, noise floor and cost optimisation. The gain of each channel can be independently programmed from -111.5dB to +15.5dB through a digital serial control interface.

Audible clicks on gain changes are eliminated by changing gains only when a zero crossing has been detected in the signal.The device also features peak level detection, which can be used for AGC.

The MAS6116 is available in a 16 pin SOIC package.

Evaluation Board MAS6116EB is available for this product.


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