MAS6011 太阳能电池能量收集系统管理器

  • 超低电流消耗,典型值 110nA
  • 低电源电压操作,最小 2.0V
  • 电池过充保护
  • 开机指示灯和关机后安全开机
  • 关机时电池深度放电保护
  • 精确关机和精确的低电量警告



MAS6011 监控包含小型太阳能电池的电池供电系统的电源电压和充电情况。该 IC 的电流消耗极低,为 110 nA,这意味着该系统可以在非常低的光照条件下充电,并且还可以在断电模式下保持数年之久,并且在充电前仍可直接使用电池供电。

为了能够在光线非常有限的条件下为电池充电,通常使用大型太阳能电池。另一方面,由于在强烈阳光下过电压,这很容易损坏电池。MAS6011 解决了这一难题,并将在大范围的光强度 (lx) 内为二次 3V 电池提供安全保护。

开关电平设计用于 VL 型可充电锂钒电池。与更传统的电池相比,这些电池是紧凑的纽扣形二次电池,具有非常高的能量。每年的自放电率低于 2%,这使得它们在可能无需充电而长期储存的系统中作为电源非常有用。

MAS6011 monitors the supply voltage and charging of a battery-powered system containing a small solar cell. The current consumption of this IC is extremely low, 110 nA, which means the system can charge from very low light conditions and also stay in power down mode for years and still operate directly from the battery before recharging.

To be able to charge a battery also in conditions with very limited light, a large solar cell is usually used. This can on the other hand easily destroy the battery due to over voltage during strong sun light. MAS6011 solves this dilemma and will give secure protection of a secondary 3V battery over a big range of light strengths (lx).

The switching levels have been designed for usage with VL-type rechargeable lithium vanadium batteries. Those batteries are compact, button-shaped, secondary batteries with very high energy compared to more traditional batteries. The self discharge rate is less than 2% a year which makes them very useful as a power source in systems that might be stored for a long time without re-charging.


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