MAS6181B 双频电波授时芯片 1.1V-3.6V

  • 双频接收器 IC
  • 高灵敏度,典型值 0.4 μVrms
  • 低电压运行,低至 1.1 V
  • 极低的电流消耗,典型值为 40..66 μA
  • 只需要很少的外部组件
  • 石英晶体过滤器的高选择性
  • 用于改善噪声抗扰度的差分输入
  • TSSOP-16 封装或芯片 (1020 μm x 1260 μm)
  • 工作温度 -40 – +85°C


MAS6181 AM 接收器芯片是一种高灵敏度、易于使用的 AM 接收器,专门用于接收 40 kHz 至 100 kHz 频率范围内的时间信号。时间信号接收只需要很少的外部元件。该电路内置前置放大器、宽范围自动增益控制、解调器和输出比较器。输出信号可直接由附加数字电路处理,以从接收信号中提取数据。如有必要,AGC(自动增益控制)控件可用于打开或关闭 AGC。

MAS6181 支持通过两个选择性晶体滤波器和一个集成开关在两个天线频率之间切换来接收两个不同频率的信号。它具有差分输入以改善共模干扰抑制。

MAS6181 也可以用于三频应用。

The MAS6181 AM-Receiver chip is a highly sensitive, simple to use AM receiver specially intended to receive time signals in the frequency range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz. Only a few external components are required for time signal receiving. The circuit has preamplifier, wide range automatic gain control, demodulator and output comparator built in. The output signal can be processed directly by an additional digital circuitry to extract the data from the received signal. The control for AGC (automatic gain control) can be used to switch AGC on or off if necessary.

The MAS6181 supports receiving two different frequency signals by two selective crystal filters and an integrated switch to switch between two antenna frequencies. It has differential input for improved common mode disturbance rejection.

It’s also possible to use the MAS6181 in triple band applications.


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