SPIN Semiconductor 的 SPN1001-FV1 是效果踏板的流行选择。FV1 芯片功能强大、易于编程并具有模拟输入和输出,因此设计起来非常简单。还提供一个低成本开发板,其中包含大量代码示例和算法,可从 SPIN 网站下载。

Experimental Noize 的 FXCORE 芯片是一款功能强大的音频 DSP,致力于为专业音频应用创建音频效果。

NJM8202 是一款低电压轨到轨音频运算放大器。出色的 RFI 抗扰度可确保您的音频信号不受手机和其他干扰源的影响。

THAT4316 模拟引擎将使一个伟大的声音压缩机运行电池。

The SPN1001-FV1 from SPIN Semiconductor is an ever-popular choice for effects pedals. The FV1 chip is powerful, easy to program and has analogue inputs and outputs, making it simple to design with. Also available is a low-cost development board with lots of code examples and algorithms to download from the SPIN website.

Experimental Noize's FXCORE chip is a powerful Audio DSP dedicated to creating audio effects for professional audio applications.

The NJM8202 is a low voltage rail-to-rail audio op-amp. Excellent RFI immunity ensures your audio signals are not affected by mobile phones and other sources of interference.

The THAT4316 Analog Engine will make a great sounding compressor running off a battery.

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