• 免费的 ASM 开发环境
  • 由 USB 或 9VDC 电源供电
  • 将多个板菊花链在一起


FXCore 开发板允许用户为来自 Experimental Noize 的 FXCore DSP 开发程序并进行实验。

开发板在连接到计算机时可以通过 USB 供电,也可以单独使用并由 9VDC 踏板式电源供电。

该板有许多跳线和开关来配置其操作,并允许多个板以菊花链方式连接在一起并通过 USB 连接的计算机进行控制。

The FXCore development board allows users to develop programs for and experiment with the FXCore DSP from Experimental Noize.

The development board can be powered by USB when connected to a computer or act stand alone and powered by a 9VDC pedal style power supply.

The board has a number of jumpers and switches to configure its operation and to allow multiple boards to be daisy chained together and controlled from a USB attached computer.


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