SPN1001-DEVB Spin FV-1 DSP开发板

  • FV-1 开发板 - 轻松评估 SPN1001-FV1
  • USB供电
  • 免费的 SpinAsm 软件


Spin Semiconductor SPN1001-DEVB DSP 开发板允许开发用于 Spin 的 FV-1 数字混响芯片的定制程序。

使用免费提供的 SpinAsm 软件,可以创建程序并将其下载到板中。

SPN1001-DEVB 连接到主机上任何可用的 USB 端口并从其供电。

The Spin Semiconductor SPN1001-DEVB DSP development board allows development of custom programs for use in Spin's FV-1 digital reverb chip.

Using the freely available SpinAsm software, programs can be created and downloaded into the board.

The SPN1001-DEVB connects to and draws its power from any available USB port on the host computer.


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