SPN1001-FV1 Spin FV-1 数字多效果器IC芯片

  • 集成立体声 ADC 和 DAC
  • 8 个内部程序 + 8 个外部程序
  • 使用外部 EEPROM 轻松定制
  • 3个电位器输入用于实时参数调整
  • 3.3V 操作
  • Fs=48KHz 时的 6 MIPS 操作
  • 128条指令/采样时钟
  • 32K 字的延迟 RAM
  • Fs 输入时钟的内部 PLL
  • 集成上电复位电路
  • 用于动态的 LOG 和 EXP 指令
  • 绿色组装/符合 RoHS


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 3.5V
效果器数量 Number of Effects 8
应用 Applications Effects IC
输入数量 Number of Inputs 2
输出数量 Number of Outputs 2


SPN1001 FV-1芯片是单个IC中的完整混响解决方案。

通过集成立体声ADC和DAC,SPN1001 FV-1可以像产品信号路径中的任何其他模拟组件一样对待。

SPN1001 FV-1总共可以访问16个程序,其中8个内置在内部ROM中,设计人员可以选择将串行EEPROM与8个附加程序连接起来。通过使用外部EEPROM,设计人员可以创建自定义程序集,而无需系统中的微处理器。



SPN1001 FV-1演示开发板可用于多效果器-请参阅SPN1001-DEVB

The Spin Semiconductor FV-1 chip is a complete reverb solution in a single IC.

With integrated stereo ADC and DACs, the FV-1 can be treated like any other analog component in your products signal path.

The FV-1 can access a total of 16 programs, 8 are built in to the internal ROM and the designer may elect to connect a serial EEPROM with 8 additional programs. By using an external EEPROM, the designer can create a custom program set without the need for a microprocessor in the system.

With 3 potentiometer inputs, programs may have real time variable parameters such as decay time in a reverb, rate and depth in a chorus or frequency in a filter. These inputs are available as coefficients to your program and may be used independently of each other.

The DSP module's rich instruction set allows users to program effects of all kinds. With instructions like LOG and EXP, users can easily program audio expansion and compression routines. Integrated digital LFOs and ramp generators allow for programming chorus, flange and pitch shift.

A FV-1 Demonstration Board is available for the multi effects unit - please see SPN1001-DEVB.


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