WiSA Technologies(前身为Summit Wireless)是一家在纳斯达克上市的美国公司,以无线音频技术而闻名。该公司的模块产品系列提供兼容WiSA的连接,无需凌乱的电线即可产生身临其境的高分辨率音频。

WiSA Technologies的传输模块被设计用于全球品牌的电视、游戏设备和机顶盒,以及AV接收器和媒体中心,提供多达8个通道的24位/96ksps未压缩音频。


WiSA Technologies (formerly Summit Wireless) is a NASDAQ-listed US company renowned for wireless audio technology. The company's product range of modules offers WiSA-compatible connectivity that produces immersive high resolution audio without messy wires.

WiSA Technologies' transmit modules are designed into globally branded TVs, gaming devices and set top boxes, as well as AV receivers and media hubs, delivering up to 8 channels of 24bit/96 ksps uncompressed audio.

The 2-channel receiver modules are incorporated into speakers to allow consumers to match their preferred speaker brands with their TV. The transmit and receiver modules can be used in other applications requiring extremely low latency with synchronised channels.

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