• 音频设备类 2.0
  • 2.4 瓦(最大),2.0 瓦(典型)
  • 源头USB接口
  • 多达 8 个通道;44.1 kHz、48 kHz、96 kHz 的 24 位音频
  • 128 个音频样本 +(固定 5.1ms @ 48kHz 采样率,2.6ms @ 96kHz 采样率)
  • 通道间延迟误差:±1 μs(扬声器到扬声器的时序偏差)
  • 设计用于 9x9 米的房间



Summit 的 WiSA 发射器带有 USB 接口,可为任何室内应用提供未压缩的 24 位、96kHz 音频。

这款小巧且经济高效的加密狗与 WiSA Ready 电视(包括 WiSA Ready LG 电视)和 Andriod 设备兼容。只需将 USB 发射器插入 WiSA Ready 设备,然后按下 LED 按钮即可发现您的 WiSA 认证扬声器。


包括 USB 扩展。


This device is only available for sale within the EU to business customers. For customers outside the EU, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Summit's WiSA Transmitter with USB interface delivers uncompressed 24-bit, 96kHz audio for any in-room application.

This compact and cost-effective dongle is compatible with WiSA Ready televisions (including WiSA Ready LG TVs) and Andriod devices. Simply plug the USB transmitter into a WiSA Ready device and press the LED button to discover your WiSA Certified Speakers.

WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) industry standard guarantees lossless, near perfect digital wireless audio with ultra low latency. Enjoy easy to configure stereo speaker pairing, even between different brands, and multichannel (5.1, 7.1) speaker systems.

Includes USB extension.

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