• 24 个射频通道,5-5.8 GHz 操作
  • 集成天线
  • 7.1、24 位、48/96 Ksps、未压缩音频
  • 预认证模块,包括适用于多个国家/地区的 DFS
  • 2.6 ms 音频延迟源到扬声器
  • 支持 WiSA 互操作性
  • 支持条形音箱、电视和 AVR 应用程序


SWS997 Summit 无线接收模块是一款紧凑型、生产就绪模块,旨在与 Summit Wireless Technology 高清音频解决方案中的有源扬声器中的放大器配合使用。

Summit 接收模块包括正在申请专利的低成本集成高增益四分集 PCB 天线,无需外部天线即可提​​供卓越的无线性能。

24 针接口为放大器和电源提供 I2S 数字音频、电源和控制信号。

三个独立的音频滤波器通道,每个通道都有十二个可编程双四路数字滤波器,提供优于模拟分频器的扬声器驱动器均衡性能,同时消除了无源分频器组件的成本和复杂性。每个滤波器通道都提供可编程延迟,以补偿高达 23 厘米(9.1 英寸)的驱动器偏移。


The SWS997 Summit Wireless Receive Module is a compact, production-ready module that is designed to mate with the amplifier in active speakers in a Summit Wireless Technology HD audio solution.

The Summit Receive Module includes a patent-pending, low-cost, integrated high-gain quad-diversity PCB antenna, which provides superior wireless performance without external antennas.

A 24 pin interface provides I2S digital audio, power, and control signals for the amplifier and power supply.

Three separate audio filter channels, each with twelve programmable bi-quad digital filters, provide speaker driver equalisation performance superior to that possible with analogue crossovers, while eliminating the cost and complexity of passive crossover components. Each filter channel provides a programmable delay to compensate for up to 23cm (9.1in) of driver offset.

Up to ten different "voices" can be programmed, enabling the speaker to be end-user settable for near-field and mid-field applications, or optimized for different music types (for example: pop, classical, jazz, environmental).


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