THAT4315Q16-U 模拟引擎动态处理器

  • 预调整的 VCA 和 RMS 检测器
  • 宽电源电压范围:4.5V 至 16V
  • 低电源电流:典型值 1.6 mA。(5V)
  • 宽动态范围:118 dB 作为压扩器


电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) 4.5V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 16V
电源类型 Supply Type Single
电源电流 Supply Current 1.6mA
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.07%
总增益范围 Total Gain Range ±60dB


THAT4315 是一款针对低电压、低功耗运行而优化的单芯片模拟引擎®。

该表面贴装部件结合了高性能压控放大器 (VCA)、RMS 电平传感器,面向电池供电的音频应用,例如无线麦克风、无线仪器和入耳式监听器。4315 可在低至 +4.5 Vdc 的单电源电压下运行,仅消耗 1.6 mA。

该 IC 还可在高达 16 Vdc 的电源电压下工作,因此也可用于线路供电产品。VCA 在晶圆阶段进行了预修整,无需进一步调整即可提供低失真。

该部件专为用作压扩降噪系统而开发,借鉴了 THAT 在 dbx® 降噪技术方面的悠久历史和经验。但是,该部件具有 11 个有源引脚,非常灵活,可以针对各种应用进行配置,包括单频段和多频段压扩器、压缩器、限制器、AGC、去齿音器等。

The THAT4315 is a single-chip Analog Engine® optimized for low-voltage, low-power operation.

Incorporating a high-performance voltage- controlled amplifier (VCA), RMS-level sensor, the surface mount part is aimed at battery-operated audio applications such as wireless microphones, wireless instruments and in-ear monitors. The 4315 operates from a single supply voltage down to +4.5 Vdc, drawing only 1.6 mA.

This IC also works at supply voltages up to 16 Vdc, making it useful in line-operated products as well. The VCA is pre-trimmed at wafer stage to deliver low distortion without further adjustment.

The part was developed specifically for use as a companding noise reduction system, drawing from THAT's long history and experience with dbx® technology for noise reduction. However, with 11 active pins, the part is extremely flexible and can be configured for a wide range of applications including single and multi-band companders, compressors, limiters, AGCs, de-essers, etc.


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