THAT1246P08-U 平衡线路接收器

  • 插入 SSM2143 和 INA137
  • 高 CMRR(60Hz 时为 90 dB 典型值)
  • 宽带宽(>24MHz 典型值)
  • 低失真(0.0006% 典型值)
  • 低噪声(-103dBu 典型值)
  • 低电流(2 mA 典型值)


电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±3V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±18V
电源电流 Supply Current 2mA
增益 Gain -6dB
共模抑制 Common Mode Rejection 90dB
具有600Ω源失配的CMR CMR with 600Ω source mismatch 30dB
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0006%
输出噪声 Output Noise -106dBu
电源抑制 Power Supply Rejection 90dB
电路数 Number of Circuits 1


THAT1246 精密差分放大器主要用作音频平衡线路接收器。

它与 SSM2143 和 TI INA137 直接兼容。

该器件通过关键引脚上的二极管钳位保护免受 EOS/ESD 影响,使其成为实际产品的可靠替代品。

该器件具有 -6 dB 的增益、90 dB 的典型共模抑制、12 V/us 的压摆率、20 MHz 的带宽和 0.0006% 的 THD。

THAT 1246 经过激光微调以获得高 CMR 性能所需的精密电阻匹配。THAT 1246 采用 THAT Corporation 专有的介电隔离 (DI) 工艺,提供分立设计的声音优势,以及完全集成解决方案的紧凑尺寸、可靠性、匹配和热跟踪。

The THAT1246 precision differential amplifier is designed primarily for use as an audio balanced line receiver.

It is drop-in compatible with the SSM2143 and the TI INA137.

The device is protected from EOS/ESD by diode clamps on critical pins making it a reliable alternative for real-world products.

The device exhibits a gain of -6 dB, 90 dB of typical common-mode rejection, a slew rate of 12 V/us, a 20MHz bandwidth, and 0.0006% THD.

The THAT 1246 is laser-trimmed to obtain the precision resistor matching needed for high CMR performance. Fashioned in THAT Corporation's proprietary dielectric isolation (DI) process, the THAT 1246 provides the sonic benefit of discrete designs, with the compact size, reliability, matching, and thermal tracking of a fully integrated solution.


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