THAT2180DEMO THAT2180演示开发板

  • 允许即时产品评估
  • THAT2180 系列的 SIP 插座
  • XLR 输入和输出连接器
  • 选择板载或外部控制电压源
  • 宽敞的原型制作区
  • 完整的文档包


这种独立的电路板简化了对 THAT2180 系列 VCA 性能的评估。

它具有简单的信号路径,包括差分输入缓冲器、VCA 和 VCA 的输出电流-电压转换器。增益控制电压在板上提供,但也可以从外部提供。

需要外部电源 (+/- 15V)。

该板完全组装、测试,并提供用于信号输入、信号输出和外部控制电压输入的 XLR 连接器。提供了一个插座,用于插入 2180 系列中的任何一个。

电源连接通过 3 针、0.1 英寸间距连接器进行。


This self-contained circuit board simplifies evaluation of the performance of the THAT2180 series of VCAs.

It features a simple signal path consisting of a differential input buffer,the VCA,and the VCA's output current-to-voltage converter. Gain control voltage is supplied on board but may also be supplied externally.

An external power supply is required (+/- 15V).

The board comes completely assembled,tested,and supplied with XLR connectors for signal input,signal output,and external control voltage input. A socket is provided for inserting any one of the 2180 series.

Power supply connections are made via a 3 pin, 0.1 inch pitch connector.

To facilitate prototyping, spare circuit board area is perforated, with adjacent pairs of plated-through holes interconnected.


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