THAT1200S08-U InGenius®输入线路接收器

  • 以很小的尺寸和成本获得类似变压器的性能
  • 高共模抑制(90 dB 典型值)
  • 保持 CMRR 与源阻抗不平衡,即在大多数现实世界情况下发现的


电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±3V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±18V
电源电流 Supply Current 4.7mA
增益 Gain 0dB
共模抑制Common Mode Rejection 90dB
具有600Ω源失配的CMR CMR with 600Ω source mismatch 70dB
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0005%
输出噪声 Output Noise -106dBu
电源抑制 Power Supply Rejection 82dB
电路数 Number of Circuits 1


InGenius® THAT1200 平衡线路接收器旨在克服传统平衡级的严重限制之一 - 即实际应用中共模干扰差。

虽然传统的输入级在纸面上可能具有良好的抑制特性,但即使从轻微不平衡的源阻抗馈送,它们的性能也会很差 - 这是演播室、现场声音和广播环境中极为常见的情况。

THAT1200 即使从单端源馈电,也能实现高 CMRR,这是因为其独特的自举电路将共模输入阻抗提高到兆欧范围,而不会产生相应的噪声损失。

演示板 THAT1200DEMO 适用于本产品。

The InGenius® THAT1200 balanced line receiver is designed to overcome one of the serious limitations of conventional balanced stages - namely poor common mode interference in real-world applications.

While conventional input stages may possess good rejection characteristics on paper, they perform poorly when fed from even slightly un-balanced source impedances - an extremely common situation in studio, live sound and broadcast environments.

The THAT1200 achieves a high CMRR even when fed from a single-ended source as a result of its unique bootstraping circuitry that raises the common-mode input impedance into the megohm range without a commensurate noise penalty.

Demonstration Board THAT1200DEMO is available for this product.


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