THAT5171N32-U3CS 数字前置放大器控制器

  • 宽增益范围 (63dB)
  • 从 +8dB 到 +63dB 的 1dB 步长
  • 加0dB设置
  • 处理完整的专业音频级别
  • +22dBu 最大输入,±17V 电源
  • +27dBu 最大输出,±17V 电源
  • 集成伺服和零交叉检测器可最大限度地减少直流偏移和拉链噪声


总增益范围 Total Gain Range 63dB
标注1 Note 1 8.6dB then 13.6dB to 68.6
步长 Step Size 1dB
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±4.75V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±17V
电源电流 Supply Current 8.3mA
数字电源电压 Digital Supply Voltage nominal3.3V
数字电源电流 Digital Supply Current 0.002mA
最大信号输入 Maximum Signal In 21dBu
最大信号输出 Maximum Signal Out 27dBu
增益范围误差 Gain Range Error ±0.25dB


5171 是一款低失真开关电阻梯,专为与 1570 配合使用而设计,是一款多功能的高性能麦克风前置放大器。它还可以与其他分立式前端解决方案同样出色地工作,为设计人员提供开发新产品的绝佳机会。

增益可调至 5.6dB,并从 13.6dB 到 68.6dB 以 1dB 为步长,使用内置过零检测器和其他正在申请专利的技术来降低拉链噪声,从而实现非常平滑和安静的增益变化。

5171 上的四个通用输出可以连接到各种外围功能,例如输入板、幻象电源开关、信号路由开关、LED 指示灯等。

可寻址 SPI 接口支持回读,使容错控制软件能够验证正确操作。

THAT5171 采用高压 CMOS 工艺制造,采用专有技术减少 FET 开关毛刺。THAT5171 采用 7x7mm QFN32 封装,占用的电路板空间非常小。

从未有过令人满意的带数字控制的集成麦克风前置??直到现在。使用 THAT 1570/5171,设计人员现在可以将具有高声音性能和数字可控性的前置放大器集成到比以往更广泛的产品中。

* 包括差分放大器级中的 5.6dB 衰减

The 5171 is a low distortion switched resistor ladder that has been designed to work with the 1570, resulting in a versatile very high performance microphone preamplifier. It will also work equally well with other discrete front end solutions offering designers great opportunities for new products.

The gain is adjustable to 5.6dB, and from 13.6dB to 68.6dB in 1 dB steps with built-in zero crossing detector and other patent-pending techniques for reducing zipper noise, resulting in very smooth and silent gain changes.

Four general purpose outputs on the 5171 can be connected to a variety of peripheral functions, e.g. input pad, phantom power switches, signal routing switches, LED indicators etc.

The addressable SPI interface supports read-back, enabling fault tolerant control software to verify proper operation.

The THAT5171 is fabricated in a high-voltage CMOS process, with proprietary techniques for reducing FET switching glitches. Packaged in 7x7mm QFN32 the THAT5171 takes up very little board space.

There has never been a satisfactory integrated mic pre with digital control…until now. With the THAT 1570/5171, designers can now incorporate a preamp with high sonic performance and digital controllability into a wider range of products than ever before.

* includes 5.6dB attenuation in differential amplifier stage


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