THAT2162Q16-U 双VCA压控放大器

  • 两个独立通道
  • 宽动态范围:>118 dB
  • 宽增益范围:>130 dB
  • 指数 (dB) 增益控制
  • 低失真:0.04% 典型值。
  • 宽电源电压范围:±2.25V ~ ±16V
  • 低电源电流:5.2 mA 典型值。(±15V)3 mA 典型值 (±5V)
  • 双控制端口(正/负)
  • 低成本
  • 小封装(16 引脚 QSOP)


总谐波失真类型 THD typ 0.05%
总谐波失真 THD max 0.2%
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±2.25V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±16V
电源电流 Supply Current 5.2mA
动态范围 Dynamic Range 118dB
总增益范围 Total Gain Range 130dB
总谐波失真起始 THD typ from 0.05%
输出噪声 Output Noise -97.5dBV


THAT 2162 包含两个高性能 Blackmer® 压控放大器 (VCA)。


两个 VCA 在晶圆阶段都经过微调,无需进一步调整即可提供低失真和控制电压馈通。然而,外部对称调整可以进一步优化关键应用的失真和控制馈通。

2162 采用高达 ±16 Vdc 的分离式电源供电,±15V 时仅消耗 5.2mA,±5V 时仅消耗 3mA。该部件还可以在低至 ±2.25V 的电源电压下运行,使其适用于电池供电的应用。

两个 VCA 相互独立,仅共享电源连接。

2162 非常灵活,能够针对各种立体声或多通道应用进行配置。

它采用符合 RoHS 标准的 16 引脚 QSOP 封装。

演示板 THAT2162demo 可用于该产品。

THAT 2162 contains two high-performance Blackmer® voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs).

With two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports, they offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion.

Both VCAs are trimmed at wafer stage to deliver low distortion and control-voltage feedthrough without further adjustment. However, external symmetry adjustment is possible to further optimize distortion and control feedthrough for critical applications.

The 2162 operates from a split power supply up to ±16 Vdc, drawing only 5.2mA at ±15V and 3 mA at ±5V. The part can also operate at supply voltages as low as ±2.25V, making it suitable for battery-operated applications.

The two VCAs are independent of each other, sharing only their power supply connections.

The 2162 is extremely flexible and capable of being configured for a wide range of stereo or multichannel applications.

It is available in a RoHS-compliant 16-pin QSOP package.

Demonstration Board THAT2162demo is available for this product.


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