Spin Semidonductor 总部位于美国,其重点是巧妙、具有成本效益的设计,使工程师能够更快、更具成本效益地生产优质产品。

SPN1001-FV1 音频效果 IC 旨在提高集成 DSP 效果的标准并降低成本。混响芯片是独立音频效果应用的绝佳解决方案,可以作为模拟部件放入系统中,几乎不需要数字设计技术知识。

还提供流行的 SPN1001-DEVB DSP 开发板。

Based in the USA, Spin Semidonductor's emphasis is on clever, cost effective designs that allow engineers to produce superior products faster and more cost effectively.

The SPN1001-FV1 audio effect IC has been designed to raise the bar and lower the cost of integrated DSP effects. The reverb chip is a great solution for stand-alone audio effects applications and can be dropped into systems as an analogue part, requiring little to no knowledge of digital design techniques.

Also available is the popular SPN1001-DEVB DSP development board.

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