Netsol 为大多数应用生产小众内存产品,包括工业设备、音频和视频产品以及网络设备。为了服务于这些市场,他们拥有一系列可提供真正优势的工艺技术和存储器设计。

最重要的是质量和长期供应。为了提供高质量的产品,Netsol 对每个部件进行在线测试,而不仅仅是几个样品,并筛选出更严格的容差以确保零现场故障。使用 Netsol,您可以确保长期供应,因为它们保证 10 年的可用性。

Netsol produces niche memory products for most applications, including industrial equipment, audio and video products, and networking devices. To serve these markets they have a range of process technologies and memory designs that offer real benefits.

Of primary importance is quality and long term supply. To deliver high quality products, Netsol uses in line testing on every part, not just a few samples, and screens to tighter tolerances to ensure zero field failures. Using Netsol, you can be assured of long term supply as they guarantee availability for 10 years.

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