S6R4008W1A-UI10 4Mb异步快速SRAM

  • 快速访问时间 - 从 8ns
  • CMOS 低功耗
  • TTL 兼容输入和输出
  • 完全静态操作,无需时钟或刷新
  • 三态输出
  • 工业温度范围
  • 长期供应承诺


访问时间 Access Time 10ns
内存大小 Memory Size 4Mbit
组织 Organisation 512K x 8
电源电压 Supply Voltage 1.65~3.6V
访问时间 Access Time 8/10/12/15




该器件采用先进的 CMOS 工艺、基于 6-TR 的单元技术制造,性能可靠且具有成本效益,非常适合高速电路技术。


The high-speed Static Random Access Memory uses common input and output lines to simplify layout. There is an output enable pin which operates faster than address access time at read cycle so there is no los of speed.

The Memory allows that lower and upper byte access by data byte control(UB, LB).

The device is fabricated using advanced CMOS process, 6-TR based cell technology for reliable and cost effective performance, ideally suited for high-speed circuit technology.

The Memory is packaged in industry standard packages.


Data Sheet