ICEpower 是一家独立的丹麦公司,自 2002 年以来一直处于生产最先进的 D 类音频放大器模块的前沿。他们提供各种高效放大器,具有出色的音频质量、通用电源输入和低功耗待机电源要求。型号范围从每通道 50W 到 1200W,适用于高保真、乐器放大器和专业音频。

ICEpower 模块将大大降低开发成本和上市时间,因为每个模块都经过广泛的认证并具有经证实的可靠性。

ICEpower are an independent Danish company that have been at the forefront of producing state-of-the-art class D audio amplifier modules since 2002. They offer a wide range of highly efficient amplifiers with excellent audio quality, universal mains input and low power standby power requirements. The models range from 50W to 1200W per channel, and are suitable for hi-fi, musical instrument amplifiers and pro-audio.

ICEpower modules will greatly reduce the cost of development and time to market as each module has extensive certifications and has proven reliability.

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