ICEPOWER1200AS2 2通道1200W放大器带电源

  • 1200W 每通道 4Ω < 1% THD+N 1kHz
  • 0.003 % THD+N @ 1kHz 10W 4Ω
  • 50kHz 音频带宽
  • 30μV A 加权输出噪声
  • 2.7Ω 时的最小负载阻抗
  • 最大输出电压 100Vpk
  • 最大输出电流 38Apk


通道数 Number of Channels 2
输出功率 Output Power 2x1200W
标注1 Note 1 4Ω per channel
输入 Input Analogue
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 264V
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) 85V
效率 Efficiency 80%
总谐波失真加噪声 THD plus Noise 0.005%
标注2 Note 2 @1W rms
待机控制 Stand-by Control Yes
静音控制 Mute Control Yes


ICEpower 1200AS2 将单级 PFC 转换器与 2 x 1200W 高性能、基于 ICEedge 的 D 类放大器相结合。

除了极致的音频性能和功率,1200AS2 还具有放大器温度、电压和电流输出的监视器输出。

直流吊架总线可用于为附加放大器供电。非常适合专业双低音炮、2 路和 3 路扬声器以及高端消费级有源扬声器或高端立体声放大器。

The ICEpower 1200AS2 combines a single stage PFC converter with a 2 x 1200W high-performance, ICEedge-based class D amplifier.

Besides extreme audio performance and power the 1200AS2 also features monitor outputs for amplifier temperature, voltage and current output.

The DC hanger bus can be used for powering additional amplifiers. Perfect for professional dual subwoofers, 2-way and 3-way speakers as well as high end consumer active speakers or high-end stereo amplifiers.


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