Exicon 是 Profusion 的一部分,自 1993 年以来一直在制造横向 MOSFET,并且在此期间对产品范围和工艺进行了多次改进。该电流范围提供出色的线性度、高转换率、高电压能力,并且不会出现二次击穿和热失控。

EXICON 倾听并了解客户的需求,并不断开发改进以满足客户的需求。

Exicon, part of Profusion, have been manufacturing lateral MOSFETs since 1993, and over that time there have been several refinements to the product range and process. The current range offer exceptional linearity, high slew rate, high voltage capability, and freedom from secondary breakdown and thermal runaway.

EXICON listen to and understand what their customers require and are continually developing refinements to meet their customers needs.

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