ECF20P25EA 塑封MOSFET大功率音频功放对管

  • 专为音频放大器应用而设计
  • 高导热性
  • 优异的频率特性
  • 集成保护二极管
  • 不受电流集中的影响,因此对电破坏具有很高的抵抗力。
  • 固有的防止短路故障条件和热失控的温度特性


类型 Type Pch
漏-源极电压 Drain Source Voltage -250V
漏极电流 Drain Current -16A
栅-源极电压 Gate-Source Voltage ±14V
功率 Power 250W


EXICON Mosfets 专为高功率线性应用而设计。

它们提供高电压能力、高转换率和低失真,使其成为音频放大器设计的理想选择。免于二次击穿和热失控 使它们非常可靠,无需保护电路。这些优势加上宽带宽、低驱动要求和易于并联,使得具有出色声音特性的稳健放大器的简单构造成为可能。

注意 ECF20P25 提供颜色编码,以便客户在需要时改进匹配。当许多 MOSFET 并联时,这在高功率放大器中特别有用。

编码是在 Vgs=2.0V 的测试电压下导出的

黑色 <1.6 Ids
棕色 1.6 - 2.0Ids
红色 2.0 - 2.4Ids
橙色 2.4 - 2.8Ids
绿色 >2.8Ids


EXICON Mosfets have been designed specifically for high power linear use.They offer high voltage capability, high slew rate and low distortion, making them the ideal choice for audio amplifier design.

Freedom from secondary breakdown and thermal runaway make them extremely reliable and remove the need for protection circuitry.These advantages together with wide bandwidth, low drive requirements, and ease of paralleling make it possible for the simple construction of robust amplifiers with excellent sonic characteristics.

Note. The ECF20P25 is supplied colour coded to enable customers to improve matching if required. This is particularly useful in high power amplifiers when many MOSFETS are connected in parallel.

Coding is derived at a test voltage of Vgs=2.0V

Black <1.6 Ids
Brown 1.6 - 2.0Ids
Red 2.0 - 2.4Ids
Orange 2.4 - 2.8Ids
Green >2.8Ids

We will attempt to supply specific colour codes on request but this cannot be guaranteed.


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