ECW20P20 塑封MOSFET大功率音频功放对管

  • 可代替 BUZ905DP、BUZ906DP、ALF16P16W 或 ALF16P20W
  • 专为音频放大器应用而设计
  • 高导热性
  • 优异的频率特性
  • 集成保护二极管
  • 不受电流集中的影响,因此对电破坏具有很高的抵抗力。
  • 本质上防止短路故障条件和热失控的温度特性。
  • ECW20N20 的补充


类型 Type Pch
漏-源极电压 Drain Source Voltage -200V
漏极电流 Drain Current -16A
栅-源极电压 Gate-Source Voltage ±14V
功率 Power 250W


ECW20P20 mosfet 专为音频功率放大器输出级应用而设计。


  • 广泛的安全操作区 (SOA) 和无二次故障
  • 与双极解决方案相比,性能可靠且稳健
  • 简化保护,节省成本并降低复杂性
  • 在笨拙负载下提高放大器性能
  • 无振荡运行

这些 mosfet 还具有负温度系数和完全热稳定的偏置点,无需像双极放大器中使用的发射极电阻器。

ECW20P20 是 BUZ905DP、BUZ906DP、ALF16P16W 或 ALF16P20W 的合适等效物、替代品或代替品。

S 版本已经过测试并根据如下所示的技术规格分级为色带,以确保紧密匹配。我们不能根据要求保证特定的色带,但订单将从相同的色带提供。如果您有特殊要求,请在订购前与我们联系。

The ECW20P20 mosfet is specifically designed for audio power amplifier output stage applications.

They offer superb sonic characteristics and with the features listed below its not hard to see how they can help you to reduce size, cut costs and add real quality and functionality to your design.

  • A wide safe operating area (SOA) and absence of secondary breakdown
  • Reliable and robust performance when compared to bipolar solutions
  • Simplified protection saving cost & reducing complexity
  • Improvement of amplifier performance with awkward loads
  • Oscillation-free operation

These mosfets also have a negative temperature coefficient and completely thermally stable bias point without the need for emitter resistors, as used in bipolar amplifiers.

The ECW20P20 is a suitable equivalent, replacement or substitute for the BUZ905DP, BUZ906DP, ALF16P16W or ALF16P20W.

The S version has been tested and graded into colour bands based on the technical spec shown below to ensure close matching. We cannot guarantee a specific colour band upon request but orders will be supplied from the same colour band. If you have a particular requirement, please contact us before ordering.


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