Exicon 横向 MOSFET 针对高端 Hi-Fi 放大器,因为它们可以自然地偏向 AB 类放大器的 A 区域,以获得卓越的音频性能。

STD03N 和 STD03P 达林顿晶体管是另一个不错的选择。两者都具有偏置电路的内置温度补偿功能,可减少失真并防止热失控。

Engine 400 是一款出色的 D 类高保真解决方案,在紧凑的模块中提供高达 400W 的功率,仍然允许设计人员通过滤波器和电源设计优化声音特性。


Exicon lateral MOSFETs are aimed at high-end hi-fi amplifiers, as they can be naturally biased towards the A region of a class AB amplifier for exceptional audio performance.

The STD03N and STD03P Darlington transistors are another good choice. Both feature built-in temperature compensation for the bias circuit, which reduces distortion and prevents thermal runaway.

The Engine 400 is a great Class D solution for hi-fi, delivering up to 400W in a compact module that still allows the designer to optimise sound characteristics with the filter and power supply design.

Also be sure to check out the input selectors and electronic volume controls.

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