NJU72751AV-TE1 音频开关

  • 4-输入/4-输出
  • 2线串行总线控制
  • 导通电阻
  • 低失真
  • CMOS技术


输入开关 Input Switches 2x4
输出开关 Output Switches 2x4
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0004%
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±7.5V


NJU72751A 是一款 4 输入/4 输出双模拟开关。通过两线串行总线控制功能。A 通道开关和 B 通道开关是独立控制的。NJU72751A 非常适用于多声道音频系统,例如 AV 放大器和 DVD 接收器。

The NJU72751A is a 4-input / 4-output dual analog switch. Functions are controlled via two-wired serial bus. A-channel switches and B-channel switches are controlled independently. The NJU72751A is well-suited for multi-channel audio systems such as AV amplifiers and DVD receivers.


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