STD03N Power Darlington 160V 15A 达林顿晶体管

  • 内置温度传感器
  • STD03P的互补型
  • 内置温度补偿二极管
  • 小封装 (TO-3P) 中的高功率 (160 W) 处理,最大限度地降低散热器要求
  • 内置驱动器和温度补偿二极管,减少外部元件数量并简化电路设计
  • 发射极端子对称放置在 NPN 和 PNP 型号上,允许在 PCB 上相邻放置,以在成对使用时最大限度地减少走线长度和输出偏斜。


击穿电压Vce Breakdown Voltage Vce -160V
最大集电极电流 Maximum Collector Current -15A
晶体管增益hFE Transistor Gain hFE 8,000
功率 Power 160W
带宽 Bandwidth 0MHz
结电容 Junction Capacitance


STD03N 是带有内置温度补偿二极管的增强型达林顿晶体管。

这些设备采用独特的 Sanken 薄晶圆生产技术制造,通过降低热阻实现更高的功率水平,并且可以承受比市场上类似设备更高的电压。

温度补偿二极管与功率晶体管集成在同一芯片上。通过这种设计,STD03N 消除了在热源处的热感测和补偿电路的操作之间会引起的延迟。因此,这些晶体管非常适合需要增强热稳定性的应用。

该器件采用 5 引脚 TO-3P 塑料封装,已移除引脚 4。

The STD03N is an enhanced Darlington transistor with built-in temperature compensation diodes.

Manufactured using the unique Sanken thin-wafer production technology, these devices achieve higher power levels through decreased thermal resistance, and can withstand higher voltages than similar devices on the market.

The temperature compensation diodes are integrated on the same chip as the power transistor. By this design, the STD03N eliminates delays that would otherwise be induced between thermal sensing at the heat source, and the operation of the compensation circuitry. Thus, these transistors are ideal for applications where enhanced thermal stability is required.

This device is provided in a 5-pin TO-3P plastic package with pin 4 removed.


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