UZ1086L50TQ2T 低压差稳压器

  • 低压差电压
  • 负载调整率:0.05% 典型值
  • 修整电流限制
  • 片上热限制


电压 Voltage 5V
家庭电压范围 Family Voltage Range 1.2 to 5
Supply Voltage (maximum) 7V
电源电压(最大) 输出电流 Output Current 1,500mA
压降电压 Drop-out Voltage 1.4V
参考电压容差 Voltage Reference Tolerance 1.6%
纹波抑制比 Ripple Rejection Ratio 72dB
输出可调 Output Adjustable Yes
噪声旁路终端 Noise Bypass Terminal No
输出噪声电压 Output Noise Voltage
静态电流 Quiescent Current 13 mA
输出电容 Output Capacitor 22μ


UZ1086L 是一款具有 1.5A 输出电流能力的低压差、三端稳压器。




与最多 10% 的输出电流被浪费为静态电流的 PNP 型稳压器不同,UZ1086 的静态电流流入负载,从而提高了效率。

The UZ1086L is a low dropout, three-terminal regulator with 1.5A output current capability.

It has been been optimized for low voltage operation where transient response and minimum input voltage are critical.

Current limit is trimmed to ensure specified output current and controlled short-circuit current.

On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload and ambient temperatures that would create excessive junction temperatures.

Unlike PNP type regulators where up to 10% of the output current is wasted as quiescent current, the quiescent current of the UZ1086 flows into the load, thus increasing efficiency.


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