THAT1583N16-UR3CS 数控模拟前置放大器

  • 低噪音:-128.9dBu @60dB 增益
  • 低 THD+N:0.001%,增益高达 40dB
  • 旨在补充 THAT 的数字控制器
  • 宽输出信号摆幅 > +28dBu


THAT1583 是一款高性能多功能音频前置放大器,适用于麦克风前置放大器和总线求和应用。更重要的是,它被设计为可与以下任一者配合使用:THAT5171 以 1dB 步长对增益设置进行数字控制;或 THAT5173 步长为 3dB。

前置放大器在最大 +/- 18V 电压下运行,无需输入板即可接受专业音频电平 (+28dBu)。将此与 60dB 增益下仅 1.9nV/rtHz 的噪声相结合,您就拥有了一个真正高性能的前置放大器。

THAT1583 的差分输出简化了与 A/D 转换器等差分输入设备的连接。需要时,设计人员可以自由优化输出差分放大器以适应特定应用。

THAT1583 采用 4x4mm QFN16 封装,占用的电路板空间非常小。它还与 THAT1570 引脚兼容,因此您可以使用相同的布局优化价格和性能。

The THAT1583 is a high-performance versatile audio preamplifier suitable for microphone preamp and bus summing applications. What's more it has been designed to work with either: the THAT5171 to enable digital control of the gain setting in 1dB steps; or the THAT5173 in 3dB steps.

Operating on maximum of +/- 18V supplies the pre-amplifier accepts pro-audio levels (+28dBu) without an input pad. Combine this with just 1.9nV/rtHz noise at 60dB gain and you have a truely high performance pre-amplifier.

The THAT1583's differential output simplifies connections to differential input devices such as A/D converters. When required, designers are free to optimise the output differential amplifier to suit specific applications.

Packaged in 4x4mm QFN16 the THAT1583 takes up very little board space. It's also pin compatible with the THAT1570 so you can optimise price and performance with the same layout.