THAT1510W16-U 低噪声麦克风前置放大器

  • 行业标准引脚排列
  • 低噪声、THD 和功耗
  • 宽带宽
  • 高转换率
  • 关键引脚上的全面 ESD 保护


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±20V
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±5V
数字可控 Digitally Controllable no
0dB增益时的噪声 Noise at 0dB Gain 57nV/√Hz
60dB增益时的噪声 Noise at 60dB Gain 1nV/√Hz
总谐波失真加噪声 THD plus Noise 0.0005%
0dB增益时的带宽 Bandwidth at 0dB gain 15MHz
60dB增益时的带宽 Bandwidth at 60dB gain 3MHz
压摆率 Slew Rate 19V/μs
电源电流 Supply Current 6mA


THAT 1510 是一款高性能音频前置放大器,适用于麦克风前置放大器和总线求和应用。

THAT 1510 采用 THAT 的互补双极介电隔离工艺从头开始设计,改进了现有的集成麦克风前置放大器,在低增益下提供更低的噪声、更好的失真特性、更低的功耗、更高的压摆率和带宽以及增加的输出电压摆幅.

这些部件在所有关键引脚上都得到了全面的 ESD 保护,并且其降低的功率要求进一步增强了可靠性。

简而言之,THAT 1510 以可承受的价格以流行的格式提供卓越的性能。

The THAT 1510 is a high-performance audio preamplifier suitable for microphone preamp and bus summing applications.

Designed from the ground up in THAT's complementary bipolar, dielectric isolation process, the THAT 1510 improves on existing integrated microphone preamps by offering lower noise at low gains, better distortion characteristics, lower power consumption, higher slew rate and bandwidth, and increased output voltage swing.

The parts are fully protected against ESD on all critical pins, and reliability is further enhanced by its reduced power requirements.

In short, the THAT 1510 provides superior performance in a popular format at an affordable price.


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