SAM2655 数字乐器+编解码器

  • DSP 类型 - 64 插槽
  • 最大限度。复调 - 64
  • 内部存储器 - 32k x 16 RAM
  • 外部存储器 - 64MB 闪存、SRAM
  • I/O 接口 - 串行 MIDI、8 位 LCD、SPI、10 位 ADC、GPIO
  • 音频 I/O - 1 IN / 2 OUT(模拟)


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 3.6V
效果数量 Number of Effects
应用 Applications Pianos, digital drums, keyboards
输入数量 Number of Inputs 1
输出数量 Number of Outputs 2


AM2655 将专有 DREAM® DSP 内核(64 槽 DSP + 16 位微控制器)和 32k x 16 RAM 集成到单个芯片中。LCD 显示界面和键盘扫描器允许直接连接到力度感应键盘、开关、LED 和滑块。


由于此部件不再推荐用于新设计,因此客户应改用 SAM5504BSAM5704B

The SAM2655 integrates into a single chip a proprietary DREAM® DSP core (64-slot DSP + 16-bit microcontroller) and 32k x 16 RAM. The LCD display interface and keboard scanner allowing direct connection to velocity sensitive keyboards, switches, LEDs and sliders.

With the addition of external ROM or FLASH, a complete low cost musical instrument can be built; including reverb and chorus effects, parametric equalizer, orchestrations, pitch bend and wheel controller without compromising on sound quality.

As this part is no longer recommend for new designs, customers should look at the SAM5504B and SAM5704B instead.


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