NEMFXSC-RDC1-SO 混响、延迟和合唱

  • 低成本高性能
  • 6 种混响类型(Plate、Room、Ambience、Hall 和两个 Springs)
  • 卓越的音质
  • 单声道输入、立体声输出
  • 内部编解码器模式(最低成本、最小占用空间)或外部编解码器模式(更高性能)的选项
  • 提供 28 SOIC 封装
  • 仅需要 +3.3V 电源


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 3.6V
效果器数量 Number of Effects 16
应用 Applications Effects IC
输入数量 Number of Inputs 2
输出数量 Number of Outputs 2


NemFXSC-RDC 是一款混响、延迟和合唱数字效果器,专为价格为驱动因素的应用而设计。

虽然在“内部编解码器模式”下,该芯片非常适合入门级产品,例如练习放大器,但其复杂的音质和“外部编解码器模式”使 NemFXSC-RDC 也可以用于更高的应用。

NemFXSC-RDC 具有差分模拟音频输入和差分模拟音频输出,可轻松实现单声道输入和立体声输出操作。

The NemFXSC-RDC is a Reverb, Delay and Chorus digital effects unit that is designed for applications where price is a driving factor.

While in 'Internal CODEC Mode' the chip is ideally suited for entry-level products such as practice amplifiers, but its sophisticated sound quality and 'External CODEC Mode' enables the NemFXSC-RDC to also be used in higher applications.

The NemFXSC-RDC has a differential analogue audio input and a differential analogue audio output for easy mono in and stereo out operation.


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