RA-FX16G 数字吉他效果模块

  • 低成本高性能数字多效果模块
  • 卓越的音质
  • 16个内置混响理想吉他
  • 24 位、48 kHz ADC/DAC
  • 立体声输入、立体声输出
  • 仅需要 +5 V 电源
  • 符合 RoHS


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 5V
效果器数量 Number of Effects 16
应用 Applications 16
输入数量 Number of Inputs 2
输出数量 Number of Outputs 2


RA-FX16G 是一个微型子卡模块,可以安装在吉他相关产品的主板上。


四个数字输入引脚用于选择 16 个 DSP 程序之一。(见下面的注释)


RA-FX16G 由 PCB 上的绿色和红色标记标识。

(宝富芯提供合适的 16 位编码开关。部件号 BTDS20-1)

The RA-FX16G is a tiny daughter card module that can be installed on main boards in guitar related products.

Connection to the module is via two analogue input pins and two analogue output pins, making for easy stereo in and stereo out connection.

Four digital input pins are used to select one of 16 DSP programs.(See Note below)

An additional analogue input is used for an adjustable parameter input to add a variable parameter per program.

The RA-FX16G is identified by green and red markings on the pcb.

(A suitable 16 position coded switch is available from Baofuxin. Part No. BTDS20-1)


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