MOTHERBOARD-1 2通道功放开发板

  • 2x400Wrms 到 4Ω
  • +/-35V 至 ±60V 电源范围
  • 0,002% THD+N @ 1Wrms
  • 50μVrms 未加权空闲噪声
  • 120dB 动态范围
  • < 15 度相移音频带
  • TBD W 闲置损失
  • 平衡输入
  • VA+/- 输出 (+/-15VDC)
  • 可选共模滤波
  • 可选散热
  • 调整增益和其他参数的选项


Motherboard-1 参考开发板将 Engine-400 和 AUX-plant 集成到一个高质量的 2 通道放大器系统中,每个通道 4 个 400Wrms 或 800W 到 8 欧姆 BTL。

Engine-400 充当放大器通道,AUX-plant 提供 OPAMP 和栅极驱动器。

Motherboard-1 包含平衡输入缓冲器,可以设置增益、欠压/过压监控电路、热监控电路和启动延迟。


The Motherboard-1 reference board integrates the Engine-400 and AUX-plant into a high quality 2-channel amplifier system capable of 400Wrms into 4 per channel or 800W into 8 ohm in BTL.

The Engine-400 acts as an amplifier channel and the AUX-plant supplies OPAMPs and gate drivers.

The Motherboard-1 contains balanced input buffers with the possibility to set gain, under/over voltage supervision circuitry, thermal supervision circuitry and start up delay.

Large electrolytic storage caps are included.


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