MAS9278 10.00-30.00MHz VCXO IC 具有正弦波输出和偏移微调

  • 非常小的尺寸
  • 小电流消耗
  • 宽工作温度范围
  • 相位噪声 <-130 dBc/Hz 在 1 kHz 偏移
  • 可编程 Vc 灵敏度


MAS9278 是一种集成电路,非常适合构建用于移动通信的 VCXO。晶体偏移调整通过串行总线完成,校准信息存储在内部 PROM 中。要构建 VCXO,只需要一个附加组件,即晶体。

The MAS9278 is an integrated circuit well suited to build VCXO for mobile communication. The crystal offset trimming is done through a serial bus and the calibration information is stored in an internal PROM. To build a VCXO only one additional component, a crystal, is needed.


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