MAS6502 压阻式传感器信号接口IC

  • 低电流消耗;0.35μA – 2.3μA
  • 低电源电压操作,最小 2.0V
  • 14 位精度 (ENOB)
  • 2 线 I2C 串行总线接口
  • 256 位 EEPROM 存储器在芯片上存储微调和校准系数。373、252、172 和 115 mVPP
  • 可选传感器电阻值 5 kΩ、4.5 kΩ、4 kΩ、3.4 kΩ ±126、±86、±57 和 ±40 mV
  • 内部时钟振荡器



MAS6502 是专为压阻传感器模块设计的 16 位模数转换器 (ADC)。它专为满足低功耗要求而设计,是电池供电系统的理想选择。可以实现 2.3 µA(每秒一次压力转换)或更小的电流消耗值。256 位 EEPROM 存储器在芯片上存储微调和校准系数。

除了压力测量外,该设备还可以配置为使用外部传感器电桥和内置传感器采样开关进行温度测量。这样做的一个优点是直接在电桥上而不是在 IC 上测量温度,这意味着 IC 不需要直接放置在传感器电桥旁边。

MAS6502 is a 16 bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) designed for piezoresistive sensor modules. It’s designed especially to meet the requirement for low power consumption, thus making it an ideal choice for battery powered systems. Current consumption values of 2.3 µA (one pressure conversion in a second) or less can be achieved. The 256-bit EEPROM memory stores trimming and calibration coefficients on chip.

In addition to pressure measurement the device can be configured for temperature measurement using the external sensor bridge and the built-in sensor sampling switches. An advantage with this is that the temperature is measured directly on the bridge and not on the IC which means the IC doesn’t need to be placed directly beside the sensor bridge.


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