LD1985L33AF5R 3V3 LDO稳压器

  • 非常低的压降(150mA 时为 280mV,1mA 负载时为 7mV)
  • 极低的静态电流(150mA 负载时为 2mA 典型值,空载时为 80uA)
  • 输出电流高达 150mA
  • 逻辑控制电子关断
  • 内部电流和热限制
  • 低输出噪声电压 30uVrms


电压 Voltage 3.3V
家庭电压范围 Family Voltage Range 1.5 to 5
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 7V
输出电流 Output Current 150mA
压降电压 Drop-out Voltage 0.28V
参考电压容差 Voltage Reference Tolerance
纹波抑制比 Ripple Rejection Ratio 45dB
输出可调 Output Adjustable No
噪声旁路终端 Noise Bypass Terminal Yes
输出噪声电压 Output Noise Voltage
静态电流 Quiescent Current 3mA
输出电容 Output Capacitor 2.2μtyp


UTC LD1985 是一款 150mA 固定输出稳压器,具有超低压降和低静态电流。

它专为低噪声、低功耗、电池应用而设计,如手机、掌上电脑、笔记本电脑、PDA、DSC 等。

当 Inhibit 引脚被拉低时,休眠模式下的静态电流小于 1uA。

当器件用作本地稳压器时,可以通过使用关断逻辑引脚(TTL 兼容)将部分电路板置于待机模式,从而降低总功耗。

通过正确选择旁路电容,输出噪声可以降低到 30uVrms。

The UTC LD1985 is a 150mA fixed output voltage regulator with ultra low drop voltage and the low quiescent current.

It is specially designed for low noise, low power, battery applications such as mobile phones, palmtops, laptop computers, PDAs, DSC etc.

The quiescent current in sleep mode is less than 1uA when Inhibit pin is pulled low.

When the device is used as a local regulator, it is possible to put part of the board into standby mode by using the Shutdown Logic pin (TTL compatible) thereby decreasing the total power consumption.

With the correct choice of byepass capacitor the output noise can be reduced to 30uVrms.


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