TDA2050L-TV 单通道AF功率放大器 Pentawatt

  • 高输出功率(50W 音乐功率 IEC 268.3 规则)
  • 高工作电源电压(50V)
  • 单一或拆分供应操作
  • 极低失真
  • 短路保护(OUT 到 GND)
  • 热关断


电路数 Number of Circuits 1
功率 Power 50W
标注1 Note 1 into 4Ω
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±25V
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±4.5V
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.02%
标注2 Note 2 at 20 W into 8Ω
频宽 Bandwidth 80kHz
压摆率 Slew Rate 8V/μs
静音控制 Mute Control No
待机控制 Stand-by Control No


UTC TDA2050 是具有高功率能力的单片集成电路,旨在用作 AB 类音频放大器。

它可以在 VS=22.5V、f = 1KHz 的情况下,在 1 秒内向 4R 负载提供典型的 50W 音乐功率。

由于其高电源电压和极低的谐波和交叉失真,该设备最适用于 Hi-Fi 和高级电视机。

The UTC TDA2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit with high power capability and is designed to use as an class AB audio amplifier.

It can deliver typically 50W music power into 4R load over 1 sec at VS=22.5V, f = 1KHz.

The device is most suitable for both Hi-Fi and high class TV sets on the strength of its high supply voltage and very low harmonic and crossover distortion.


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