NJW1112V 音频开关

  • 工作电流 - 14mA 典型值。
  • 低失真 - 0.0007% 典型值。
  • 低输出噪声 - -1119dBV 典型值。
  • 低串扰 - 120dB 典型值。


输入开关 Input Switches 4x8
输出开关 Output Switches 4x1
总谐波失真 Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0007%
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±7.5V


NJW1112 是一个 8 输入 4 输出立体声音频选择器。它包括四个独立的 8 输入 1 输出立体声音频选择器和 0dB 固定增益缓冲器。

NJW1112 提供卓越的音频特性,例如低失真、低输出噪声和低串扰。此外,还可以通过输出开关功能的并联扩展为16进4出的配置,而不会损失音质。


NJW1112 适用于 AV 放大器、AV 接收器、模拟音频切换器、视频会议系统和安全系统。

The NJW1112 is an 8-input 4-output stereo audio selector. It includes four independent 8-input 1-output stereo audio selectors and 0dB fixed gain buffers.

The NJW1112 provides superior audio characteristics such as low distortion, low output noise and low crosstalk. In addition, it can be expanded to a 16-in 4-out configuration via parallel connection of the output switch function, without loss of sound quality.

All internal status and variables are controlled by a three-wired serial bus. A selectable two Chip address is available for using two chips on same serial bus line.

The NJW1112 is suitable for use in AV amplifiers, AV receivers, Analog audio switchers, Video conferencing systems and Security systems.


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