NJU72340AFH3 8通道音量IC

  • 8输入2输出选择器
  • 录音输出
  • 输入选择器增益控制:0、-5、-6、-7、-9、-11、-12、-13dB


通道数 Number of Channels 8
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±4.5V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±7.5V
音量范围 Volume Range +31.5 to -95.0dB/0.5dBstep, mute
输入选择器 Input Selector 8-input/2-Output (Stereo:8,Mono:1)
界面 Interface 2-Wired Serial


NJU72340A 是一款带有输入选择器的 8 通道电子音量控制 IC。它包括一个 8 进 2 出音频选择器、REC 输出和多声道输入。


NJU72340A 适用于多声道音频系统,如 AV 放大器和 DVD 接收器。

The NJU72340A is an 8-channel electronic volume control IC with input Selector. It includes an 8-in 2-out audio selector, REC Output and Multi-channel inputs.

It provides low noise and low distortion characteristics via resistance ladder circuit. All functions are controlled via the two-wired serial bus.

The NJU72340A is suitable for multi-channel audio systems such as AV amplifiers and DVD receivers.


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