NJM5532D 低噪声双工业标准运算放大器

  • 工业标准
  • 低噪声
  • 高性能行业标准


电路数 Number of Circuits 2
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±3V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±22V
输入失调电压 Input Offset Voltage 4mV
输入失调电流 Input Offset Current 10nA
输入偏置电流 Input Bias Current 200nA
电源电流 Supply Current 9mA
增益带宽积 Gain Bandwidth product 10MHz
压摆率 Slew Rate 8V/μs
噪音 Noise 5nV/√Hz(en)


NJM5532 是一款单列双路高性能低噪声运算放大器。

与 NJM1458 等双运算放大器相比,它显示出更好的噪声性能、改进的输出驱动能力以及显着更高的小信号和功率带宽。


它在内部补偿等于 1 的增益。

The NJM5532 is a single-in-line,dual high performance low noise operational amplifier.

Compared to dual operational amplifiers such as the NJM1458, it shows better noise performance, improved output drive capability and considerably higher small-signal and power bandwidths.

This makes the device especially suitable for applications in high quality and professional audio equipment, instrumentation, control circuits and telephone channel amplifiers.

It is internally compensated for gain equal to one.