NJM13600D 双跨导放大器

  • 出色的线性度
  • 高输出信噪比
  • 放大器之间的出色匹配
  • AudioExcellent 线性度的特殊功能
  • 音频特殊功能


电路数 Number of Circuits 2
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum)
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±18V
输入失调电压 Input Offset Voltage 0.3mV
输入失调电流 Input Offset Current 100nA
输入偏置电流 Input Bias Current 400nA
电源电流 Supply Current 2.6mA
增益带宽积 Gain Bandwidth product
压摆率 Slew Rate 50V/μs
噪音 Noise






表面贴装 NJM13600 由两个压控电流(跨导)放大器组成,每个放大器都具有差分输入和推挽输出。


在输入端提供线性化二极管以减少失真并允许更高的输入电平。结果是信噪比改善了 10dB,参考 THD 为 0.5%。


The transconductance amplifier differs from the standard op-amp in two ways:

The output is a constant current source whose output is proportional to the input voltage.

The gain,or more correctly,the transconductance,is set externally by the adjustment of the current through the bias terminal.This controls the magnitude of the constant current source.

These unique features offer accurate gain without the use of negative feedback.This eliminates closed loop phase shift that can cause oscillations in conventional amplifiers.

The surface mount NJM13600 consists of two voltage controlled current (transconductance) amplifiers each with differential inputs and a push pull output.

The two amplifiers share common supplies but otherwise operate independently.

Linearising diodes are provided at the inputs to reduce distortion and allow higher input levels.The result is a 10dB signal to noise improvement referenced to 0.5% THD.

Controlled impedance buffers are provided which are designed to complement the dynamic range of the amplifiers.


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