MUSES8832E-TE1 高品质轨到轨运算放大器

  • 轨到轨输出
  • 工作电压低至 +/- 1.35V 电源轨
  • 超低噪声 2.1nV/rtHz
  • 超线性 0.0009% THD+N
  • 32mA输出,600Ω驱动能力
  • 开环增益 115dB
  • 声道分离度 140dB


电路数 Number of Circuits 2
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) ±1.35V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) ±7V
输入失调电压 Input Offset Voltage 0.1mV
输入失调电流 Input Offset Current 100nA
输入偏置电流 Input Bias Current 4nA
电源电流 Supply Current 7.5mA
增益带宽积 Gain Bandwidth product 10MHz
压摆率 Slew Rate 1V/μs
噪音 Noise 2.1V/√Hz(en)


MUSES8832 是一款非常高性能的双运算放大器,针对在低电压(通常为 3.3V 或 5V)下运行的高保真度和专业音频应用进行了优化。它有两种紧凑型表面贴装封装可供选择。

它具有能够驱动 600 欧姆负载的高最大输出电流 (32mA),适用于广泛的任务,例如:缓冲 ADC 输入或 DAC 输出;线路输出;用于便携式音频的麦克风前置放大器;和高品质的过滤器。

The MUSES8832 is a very high performance dual op-amp optimized for high fidelity and professional audio applications operating on a low voltage, typically 3.3V or 5V. It is available in a choice of two compact surface mount packages.

It has a high max output current (32mA) capable of driving 600 ohm loads and is suitable for a wide range of tasks such as: buffering ADC inputs or DAC outputs; line outputs; microphone pre-amplifiers for portable audio; and high quality filters.


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