MC34063AG-S08-R 升压降压或反相稳压器

  • 从 3V 到 40V 的操作
  • 集成 1.5A 输出开关
  • 外部晶体管的更高电流
  • 工作频率从 100Hz 到 100kHz
  • 短路电流限制
  • 低待机电流


电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) 3V
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 40V
频率(最大) Frequency (max) 42kHz
静态电流 Quiescent Current 2.7mA
参考电压容差 Voltage Reference Tolerance 2%
驱动器类型 Drive Type Internal transistor


MC34063A 是一款开关稳压器,旨在用作 DC 到 DC 转换器。该器件包含一个温度补偿带隙基准、一个占空比控制振荡器、驱动器和高电流输出开关。它可用于降压、升压或反相开关稳压器以及串联调节器。

The MC34063A is a switching regulator intended for use as DC to DC converter. This device contains a temperature compensated band gap reference, a duty-cycle control oscillator, driver and high current output switch. It can be used for step down, step-up or inverting switching regulators as well as for series pass regulators.


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