ICEPOWER400SM ICEmatch电源模块

  • 最多可为 8 个 80AM2 模块供电。
  • 电源电压输入:85-264 VAC
  • 12 V +/- 辅助电源峰值电流 700 mA
  • +5 V 辅助电源峰值电流 1 A
  • 12 V 触发输入和状态 LED 指示灯
  • 9个独立保护电路


功率 Power 400W
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum)
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum)
宽度 Width 96.25mm
长度 Length 140mm
高度 Height 33.1mm



ICEpower 400SM 是一款通用电源开关模式电源,具有 +5 V 和 +/- 12 V 辅助电源、唤醒信号检测、12 V 触发输入和状态 LED 指示灯。它在待机状态下的功耗低于 0.2 W,并且能够提供高达 0.3 W 的功率来为您的前端待机供电,轻松符合 EuP2013 标准。

先进的保护系统共有 9 个独立的保护电路,可监控温度、电流和电压。

应用包括有源 2 路和 3 路扬声器、可控制的音柱扬声器和多声道放大器。

ICEmatch: the highly flexible plug-and-play amplifier solution.

The ICEpower 400SM is a universal mains switch mode power supply with both +5 V and +/- 12 V auxiliary power supply, wake-on signal sence, 12 V trigger input and status LED indicators. It consumes less than 0.2 W in standby and is capable of supplying up to 0.3 W to power your frontend standby, easily complying with EuP2013 standards.

The advanced protection system has a total of 9 independent protection circuits monitoring temperatures, currents and voltages.

Applications include active 2- and 3- way speakers, steerable column speakers and multi-channel amplifiers.


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