ICEPOWER300AS1 300W功放带电源

  • 300W 在 1% THD+N, 4Ohm
  • 260W 在 0.1% THD+N, 4Ohm
  • 380W 在 10% THD+N, 4Ohm
  • 1% THD+N 时为 450W,2.7 欧姆
  • 最大输出电压/电流:50V p / 20A p , 4Ω
  • 全功率带宽 (20Hz - 20kHz)


通道数 Number of Channels 1
输出功率 Output Power 300W
标注1 Note 1
输入 Input Analogue
电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 264V
电源电压(最低) Supply Voltage (minimum) 85V
效率 Efficiency 80%
总谐波失真加噪声 THD plus Noise 0.006%
标注2 Note 2 @1W rms
待机控制 Stand-by Control Yes
静音控制 Mute Control Yes


ICEpower 300AS1 将高效的正向电源与 1 x 300W 高品质 D 类放大器相结合。

该模块包括一个直流吊架总线,可为多达三个 300A1 吊架放大器供电。因此,它本身非常适合单声道应用,例如低音炮、贝斯和吉他放大器。与 300A1 吊挂式放大器结合使用,可用于 2 路和 3 路 PA 扬声器、录音室监听器、hifi 和家庭自动化放大器。

The ICEpower 300AS1 combines an efficient forward type power supply with a 1 x 300W high quality class D amplifier.

The module includes a DC hanger bus for powering up to three 300A1 hanger amplifiers. On its own it is therefore perfect for single channel applications such as subwoofers, bass and guitar amplifiers. Combined with 300A1 hanger amplifiers, it can be used for 2- and 3-way PA speakers, studio monitors, hifi and home automation amplifiers.


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