FXCORE-ICP FXcore IC 芯片编程器开发板

  • FXcore IC 芯片编程器


FXCore ICP 板允许您将自己的产品用作平台来开发用于 FXCore 音频效果 DSP 的自定义程序。使用免费提供的 FXCore Asm,您可以创建程序并将它们下载到 FXCore DSP。

FXCore ICP 板连接到计算机上任何可用的 USB 端口并从其获取电源,并将其自身作为 FXCore 开发板与 FXCore Asm 汇编器一起使用。

该板作为 USB 转 I2C 桥接器运行,因此您可以连接到产品上的 I2C 总线。FXCore ICP 板有 2 个跳线,可在需要时启用上拉电阻器,或者如果您的板上有电阻器,则可以将其移除。

FXCore ICP 板也可用于在组装后进行 FXCore 编程的生产环境。

The FXCore ICP board allows you to use your own product as a platform to develop custom programs for use in the FXCore Audio Effects DSP. Using the freely available FXCore Asm you can create programs and download them into the FXCore DSP.

The FXCore ICP board connects to and draws its power from any available USB port on your computer and presents its self as an FXCore development board to work with the FXCore Asm assembler.

The board operates as a USB to I2C bridge so you can connect to the I2C bus on your product. The FXCore ICP board has 2 jumpers to enable pull-up resistors if required or may be removed if your board has the resistors in place.

The FXCore ICP board may also be used in a production environment where programming of the FXCore occurs after assembly.