CTXS-4606S-2J 双二极管快速恢复 2x30A 600V

  • 低损耗
  • 低电磁干扰
  • 低热阻封装


电源电压(最大) Supply Voltage (maximum) 600V
电流 Current 60A
反向恢复时间 Reverse Recovery Time 35ns
浪涌正向电流 Surge Forward Current 200A
正向压降 Forward Voltage Drop 1.7V
反向漏电流 Reverse Leakage Current 100μA
高温反向漏电流 Reverse Leakage Current Under High Temp 30mA


CTXS-4606S 是一款低噪声、低损耗、高功率双二极管,峰值反向电压为 600 V。

通过优化 VF 和 trr 之间的权衡关系,实现了典型的 1.45 V 正向压降。


The CTXS-4606S is a low noise, low loss high power twin diode with a peak reverse voltage of 600 V.

A typical forward voltage drop of 1.45 V is realised by optimizing the relationship of trade-off between VF and trr.

The low thermal resistance package achieves high performance heat dissipation.


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