2SC2911 Transistor 160V 140mA 晶体管

  • 过时
  • 低失真
  • 出色的 Hfe 线性度
  • 低输出电容
  • 高击穿电压
  • 与 2SA1209 互补型


NPN 晶体管非常适合在高质量音频应用中驱动 EXICON LATERAL MOSFET,因为它的低 Cob 和高线性增益可最大限度地减少在高电压摆幅下工作时由米勒效应引起的失真。

A NPN transistor ideal for driving EXICON LATERAL MOSFETS in high quality audio applications as its low Cob and high linear gain minimise the distortion caused by the Miller effect when working with high voltage swings.


Data Sheet